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Web based Customer Service Appliance
Finally an all in one solution for your customer service needs!
This appliance has everything you need for running a  business
 and keeping track of clients and communicating with them.

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Safely login to your appliance through the main page.

Main Screen
User friendly main panel
You can search your clients or show all at once.

Add your own services and prices. To be added to your clients profile.
Merchant account for billing
You can add your merchant account for billing profile
Authorize.net and paypal shown in sample.

Mail Invoice Paid
Here you can mail out invoice paid confirmation.
Mail Pendant Bill
Sends out e-mail to client telling them that bills are pending.
File Share
You can have you clients upload files to your appliance for safe and convenient retrieval from anywhere is the world. No more file diving!

Private Messaging system
Here you can send private message to your
client and the client can send private messages to you.

Credit Card Storage
Here you will store your clients credit card numbers in an encrypted folder where they can be stored for billing Daily, monthly, Quarterly, Every 6 Months, Yearly. Whatever you set up in your clients profile.

Services Assigned
Assign client as many services as they have with you.
Add Bill
Send out invoices to client who do not have credit card on file.
Secure client profile storage
Access your client from anywhere with this web based
web site software.

Services Menu
Once you have set up your service and you client logs in they can choose the service they want. Client will be doing your job for you. They will choose a plan, add their credit card number, so they are billing themselves!
Instant Messenger
You can now chat with your client instantly through our new Instant messenger
Live Demo
User Name / Password: demo/demo


$199.00 Each with IM

$149.00 Each without IM

ADNS provides affordable dial up internet isp access, national dial up internet access and is an ISP for Miami. ADNS Dial Up ISP Internet Miami
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