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Cleartel Communications has been providing its customers with a full suite of phone services, calling features and superior customer support since 1994. And, now we're offering service in your area.*

We make local and long distance service easy with:

* One provider
* One monthly bill
* One less thing to worry about!

Simplify your life. Switch to Cleartel Communications today and save. There is no cost to switch AND you can keep your current telephone number(s).

*You must have an existing working telephone number in order to apply on line.
Service may not be available in all areas. Restrictions apply.
Pricing does not include NAC charges, state, local, and federal taxes.


Cleartel Communications Frequently Asked Questions
Can I keep the same phone number I have now?
As long as the customer is a current customer of a Bell Operating company (or a certified reseller of the Bell Operating Company), customers will be able to retain their existing phone line and number. If the customer’s local provider owns their own facilities and is not a reseller for the Bell Operating Company’s service, Cleartel will not be able to provide them with service.
Do I have to pay a fee to switch to Cleartel?
There is no charge for switch to Cleartel
How long will it take for Cleartel to establish my account and service?
It will take from 5-10 business days to get up and running on Cleartel Communications.
What kind of voice service is provided?
Cleartel Communications provides a variety of communication solutions for residential and small businesses. Our Unlimited voice product offers unlimited local calling, unlimited long distance including Canada (up to 4000 minutes) and your choice of unlimited local features.
What features do Cleartel Communications plans offer?
The choice is yours!!! Cleartel allows you to choose the features you want. How many is up to you and the package you buy.
What if I have DSL with my current local telephone provider?
Can I keep my DSL? If you currently have DSL on the same line that is also used for voice service, your DSL service will need to be canceled with your current provider.
What kind of taxes will I pay?
All Cleartel customers will pay federal, state and local taxes that are similar to what you paid your previous local and long distance providers.
What is a surcharge and why do I have to pay it?
A surcharge is an amount billed by Cleartel to recover various costs assessed or authorized by governmental and regulatory agencies. These surcharges vary depending on the state in which you live.
Why do the taxes and surcharges seem different than my previous phone carrier?
Prior to switching to Cleartel, most customers were most likely charged for local and long distance separately, so they may have appeared on separate bills. Now they receive a combined bill for both local and long distance. All taxes and surcharges for local and long distance services are located in one section, which may make them seem higher.








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