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Dialup Setup Instructions - Macintosh OS X Jaguar 10.2

This set up information describes how to setup the Network control panel and setup Internet Connect for Macintosh OSX. These control panels control the dialup and connection configurations from your computer to the world. After completing this configuration you will be able to dialup to the Internet.
Select the System Preferences from the dock.


Dialup connection settings are now made at one location in OSX.

When System Preferences appears, click on the Network icon.

Both your TCP/IP and PPP settings are made here.


With the Network dialog box open, assure that Location: is set to Automatic and Configure: is set to Internal Modem. Click the TCP/IP tab and make the following settings:

Configure: Using PPP
Domain Name Servers:
Search Domains: adns.us

Next, click the PPP tab and we will make a few more settings.


With the PPP tab highlighted, set the following parameters:

Service Provider: adns.us
Telephone Number: {your local dialup number}
Alternate Number: {a backup number if one is available}
Account Name: (username@adns.us
Password: {yourpassword}
Save Password: CHECKED


Select the Finder from the dock.


Your dialer has also been automatically configured for your adns.us account.

To use your dialer, click on the Applications icon.


Once you open the Applications folder, locate the Internet Connect icon, this is your dialer, click it and get online. Optionally, you can click and drag this icon down to your dock so it will always be available to you without having to open any windows

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