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Email Setup Instructions - Entorage for Macintosh

This set up information applies to Entourage for the Mac which comes with Microsoft Office. Entourage is a Mac version of the popular Windows Outlook email program. The use and setup of this program is similar to Outlook Express which ships with your Macintosh operating system.
Start up Entourage, click Tools on the main menu bar and select Accounts from it.

When the Accounts dialog box appears, click the New button to create a new email account.


This is where you actually start setting up your adns.us email account.

This Your Name window is just for that, your name. Enter your name just as it would appear in any correspondence you may make using Capitalization for the first letters:

example: John Doe.

This is displayed along with your email address in all the emails that you send.

Click the right arrow key to continue.


Enter your adns.us email address in this Internet E-mail Address window;

example: johndoe@adns.us

the johndoe in this example is the adns.us account username.

Click the right arrow key to continue.


This E-mail Server Names window is where you set the connection to the mail servers.

adns.us has a POP server for its incoming mail. Set the Incoming mail server to POP.

Set the Incoming mail (POP,IMAP) server to mail.adns.us.

Set the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server to mail.adns.us.

Click the right arrow key to continue.


The Internet Mail Login window is where you enter your adns.us username and password.

Enter your Account ID: which is the adns.us user name/e-mail address.

example: johndoe@adns.us

Enter your Password, and it should not be this obvious but in this example, John Doe picked:

Baron69 which looks like: ********

Check the Save Password checkbox.

Click the right arrow key to continue.


Entourage allows you to have multiple E-mail accounts with different configurations for each. To identify the different accounts a name should be provided for this account.

Enter the Account name, so in keeping with this example, enter: John's Account

Check the "Send and Receive All" checkbox and click the Finish button to complete the Qwickconnect E-mail account setup.

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