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Automated Billing Services & Mailing for Business Owners
Helping Business Owners with their customer billing and mailing since 1998


Specializing in 1st Class Mailing and Printing of Billing Statements and Invoices

Billing Statement, Invoice, Letter and Form Printing Services.
Data Merging.
Inserting Folding, Envelope Stuffing, Hand and Machine.
1st Class Presort, Bar-Code, Cass Certified Bulk Mailing.
Free Billing Statement, Invoice Design and Layout.
Free Telephone Support 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week.
Free Usage of Billing Online Paper and Electronic Billing & Mailing Services Program.
We will never lowball the price of a job only to raise the price months later.

"Where billing & mailing your customers is a click"

  Larger Business Owners - simply send us your data for processing. We handle all the data merging - envelope and form printing - inserting folding - envelope stuffing and mailing services. As a licensed bulk mailer specializing in 1st class mailings we can offer the lowest possible postal rate per piece. Billing services utilizes the latest technology in equipment guaranteeing professional finished products and the fastest turn around time in the business. We can merge your data into one of our professional design templates or we can design the look and layout of your own professional custom billing statement invoice or letter.

  Smaller Business Owners - may use our free online Billing Services Program at no charge to make easy work out of managing their customers accounts and billing information. Billing automated online billing program incorporates a simple "click" to paper bill and a simple "click" to email bill button technology.

Billing is a family owned and operated business outsource services since 1998 has offered a quality, dependable, cost effective approach for business owners looking to outsource their customer billing and mailing.

   Complete Billing and Mailing Services For Business Owners.

 $25 set up includes
100 outer envelopes and 100 inner return envelopes.
$2.50 per invoice mailing includes postage.

$200 set up includes
1000 outer envelopes and 1000 inner return envelopes.
$2.50 per invoice mailing includes postage.

For more info visit  http://www.billingservicessite.com 


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