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Welcome to ADNS low cost dial up isp internet service provider.
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ISP Dial Up Internet Access

Welcome to the internet!
We would like to introduce our services and prices to you.
ADNS.US is a one stop Telecommunications and Internet provider.
Why pay multiple bill when you can get all your services from one source?
Here is a run down of our services:

Step 1. Domain Registration.
If one needs to secure a domain name at any time they can do so by visiting: www.adns.us and using our domain name registration shopping cart system for $8.75 per year,  Domain registration is FREE for the first year with all Hosting & Web design plans.

Step 2. Hosting of files
on our server for world access to our IP address.
One month of free hosting for every 5 pages you purchase
We offer the most sophisticated hosting in the world. It is fully automated 100% uptime guaranteed. Our control panel is also complete with all you will need to have the best hosting experience. The cPanel allows you to check 3 different log analyzers to keep you up to date on all traffic that your web site is running. Your also can choose from 3 different web mail clients to check your e-mail from your web site using any computer in the world while on the go or from your office. You can also upload excel .xls spread sheets through your file manager. Or word .doc documents then all you have to do is tell the person you are trying to communicate these documents to. Just send them to www.youdomain.ext/filename.xls or .doc Once your web site is finished you will be able to access your pages through the file managers html editor and make any changes yourself on the fly. If you do not have the time. We do not charge for updates as long as they are once every 2 weeks or more. 
We will give you 250  MB of disc space and 20,000 MB of traffic for $15.00 per month.

Unlimited e-mail account and much more.

Step 3. Web design.  
There will be a one-time charge of $150.00 for theme creation and installation We have Hundreds of theme templates that you can choose from on our web site. Click here to see themes

If you cannot find anything you like in our database we can custom build your web site using any artwork that you have used for your advertising campaigns. If you do not have any art work,

Custom art work can be created for an additional charge, based on your projects needs.

Step 4. Web development
One free web page with every 5 pages you purchase
We will add your content to your web pages at a rate of $75.00 per page. Up to 20 pages. If your web site is over 20 pages we will bring the price down to $60.00 per page. Prices can be changed according to competition

Affordable Internet Services

The way to tell how many pages you will need is to count the amount of pages you  are currently using to put on a presentation of your business. a page is a page.
That is it for the web site and its development and hosting.
Now that your web site is finished you will want to market it to all the search engines and listings in the world.

Step 5. Optimization of web pages for search engines.  

We have search engine specialist on staff that can optimize your pages to attract  major search engines and place you in the top positions in your categories for only $350.00

Step 6. Marketing to over 300,000 search engines and listings.
One free month of submissions with all web design plans over 5 pages
We will submit your site once a week to over 300,000 search engines and listings for $35.00 per month.
This service is optional, but highly recommended. Without it the search engines will not know you exist.

Step 7. Guaranteed  first position on 206 search engines

including but not limited to:

Google, Yahoo, Infoseek.com, cnn.com, aol, ask jeeves, excite.com, Etc.....
This is a pay-per-click auction you can bid in increments of $30.00

once you have received your moneys worth of qualified clicks your
web site will come down off the search engines.
This will boost your business.

If you have any more question do not hesitate to contact us 24/7/365 at the following:

Thank you for your business,

Nation wide internet access as low as $6.95 per month
5X faster $9.95 per month
Free domain registration
Free Hosting
Free web pages
Free submission to 800,446 search engines & listings
1-877-774-2492 / 1-877-7RICHWAY
Contact us via email or
Call Toll Free 1-877-774-2492 


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Dial up internet access has never been so cheap and easy to set up. ADNS is a Florida isp internet service provider offering affordable dial up internet access and business DSL internet access to customers all over the USA. We have a range of dial up internet access packages to suit every pocket and our quality of service is second to none. We have been a leading ISP internet service provider for 10 years and have many satisfied dial up internet customers through out Florida and the continental USA. We offer both cheap national dial up internet and local dial up isp provider services.
Our isp dial up internet services start from $6.49 per month and our isp dial up software is available to
download here.

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